Workshops, Tours & Tuition

Photography Workshops

I love sharing my passion and experience with others – whether it’s tips and tricks in long exposure, support with improving aspects of your photography, or even just getting you to a unique location at the right time! My workshops are available to both individuals and small groups and tailored to your needs, catering to all levels of photographer.

My approach is simple, fun and practical. You’re not going to be bored with tech talk and settings (unless you want to be!) I focus on the creative, sharing ideas around different ways to see, and capture a scene or subject. How to produce more visual impact within your images. I share the tips and tricks that I’ve been practising for years to produce different aspects in my pictures.

My Workshops generally run from 2 to 3 hours and can fit in with your schedule, however, they’re generally based around a Sunrise shoot and can be followed up with a café breakfast. This can also incorporate a basic post processing session to run through your pictures from the shoot. I also provide you ongoing Email support for anything you may need after the workshop.

Send me a message via the Contact page to enquire about a Workshop.


Post Processing Workshops (Adobe Lightroom)

Photo Editing, Retouching or Post Processing is an integral step in modern digital photography. Whether it’s to present a photograph organically or creatively, it allows the photographer to achieve a particular vision for their work. In it’s basic function, it also allows you to resolve errors or adjust primary attributes within an image.

Post Processing can be as big or small a task as you want it to be. My approach in providing Adobe Lightroom tuition is much the same, it can be as big or small as you want! Photo editing software and applications can be daunting with the magnitude of tools and features they present, and this is why I start small. I begin with covering the basic, start to finish, workflow. This incorporates the tools and steps to enhance your image, resolve errors and produce a rich and organic photograph, ready for use. You’ll quickly master this and it will form the basis of developing your own personal workflow into the future.

From here, we take a more detailed look into the tools and advanced techniques. This provides you with greater control over the look and feel of your finished image and allows you to produce more creative finishes and effects with your work.

The most important part of the Lightroom workshops and tuition is You! The session is tailored around your requirements and is at your pace. It’s all about what you want to gain from the session, and ensuring that’s achieved.

My Adobe Lightroom Post Processing sessions are offered on an hourly basis in both group or individual sessions and are generally held on site, at your location.

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Photography Tours

“Wow – where did you photograph this? ..I’d love to go there!”
I often get asked this question, and so, I’ll soon be offering unique, small group photography tours.

This won’t be your average ‘Five Star, Exotic International Photography Trip’. It will simply be about getting a small group of keen photographers, of any experience level, together, to visit and share some of my favourite photography ‘hot spots’ that I’ve discovered over many years travelling throughout rural and coastal Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales. There’ll be opportunities along the way for all genres of outdoor photography from jetties and seascape to old rural buildings and landscapes – sunrises, sunsets, night sky and astro!

The tours will be tailored to suit all budgets and range from from single to multiple days, travelling to some unique and not so common locations. We won’t be visiting the usual, iconic tourist and photography stops, but, you will come away one of a kind pictures of unique and interesting locations that will leave your friends asking the same question – “Wow – where did you photograph this?”

Send me a message via the Contact page to find out more or express your interest in an upcoming tour.